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Everything Wrong With Serious Steven in 3 Minutes or Less


Just Talking about the Invader Zim Comics

Remember Invader Zim? Of course you do, everyone does. This video is about that. Enjoy!

Everything Wrong With Cat Fingers in 4 Minutes or Less

Greetings. It’s been a long time. It’s good to┬áhave one of these up again.

Just Talking about Applejack in “Made in Manehattan”

Here’s a little change of pace. This is a new series I call “Just Talking”. You’ll figure out why if you just watch the video.

Uploading this video came with extremely minor repercussions. As of writing this, I have lost 6 subscribers since it was published. Possibly because of the fact that it’s a pony video, and people don’t like ponies for some reason. It could also be people who only wanted to see Crystal Sins and they couldn’t tolerate me uploading anything else. If you don’t like pony and you don’t like variety, my channel is not for you.

Everything Wrong with Frybo in 2 Minutes or Less

Sorry for being late posting this again. I’ll try to post videos within the week that I upload them. I’ll try to keep this website updated more in general.

Everything Wrong with Together Breakfast in 3 Minutes or Less

This episode is probably my least favorite of Steven Universe so I decided to give it a bonus round, which made it end up with the highest sin count yet.

Why is it my least favorite? It breaks canon, has a convoluted storyline, does a bad job of introducing the temple, and Steven acts really annoying.

Everything Wrong with Cheeseburger Backpack in 2 Minutes or Less

Here’s another late video post. This one has the best editing so far, but the sound is almost as bad as Gem Glow.

Everything Wrong With Laser Light Cannon in 3 Minutes or Less

Sorry I haven’t been updating this site more often. This video actually came out a month and a half ago. Here it is anyway for anyone who actually cares about this site.

Everything Wrong With Gem Glow in 3 Minutes or Less

(It’s actually 3 minutes and 24 milliseconds, but who cares?)

Wow. There was a really small amount of time between fabrication this idea and release of the final product. I’m really impressed with myself, but also kind of ashamed. I messed up a lot when recording the voiceover, and I was rushing myself too much. So I could have re-recorded the voiceover, but I Sonic ’06ed myself and pushed release so hard that the final product came out crappier than I’d like. It’s still better than Sonic ’06 in my honest opinion.

3D Camera Tracking Demo

This is just a short video I made after watching a tutorial online about how to use the 3D tracker built into Adobe After Effects. It’s nothing too special, I just wanted to try it to see how difficult it was.

And my camera is being used for reasons! Wouldya lookit that?