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Twitch? YouTube? Make up your mind.

Thanks to Sudsy for the cool thumbnail, which is kinda related to the topic of this post.

Hey. Hi. It’s been a long time since I posted anything here. Last time I posted anything here was before Overwatch was released. Damn, it’s been a long time. Since then I’ve been streaming that and other games almost every week. At this point I’ve definitely put more time and effort into streaming than making videos, which is not something I’m really that proud of. Videos definitely bring in more views and ad revenue than streams, but streaming is just too much fun for me to stop.

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Hasbro At It Again

It seems to me that the best way to identify a genuinely dedicated brony is by a mark of the Hasbro legal system. It’s not really something to be proud of, but I now bear that mark. This is not something I should be laughing at, but the irony is just too perfect.

It all started when I checked my email this morning…

hasbro 1

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All For You


I’ve been seeing a lot of the new Mario Maker thingy for the Wii U, and I’ve been craving some level creation because of it. The difficult part about that is the fact that I don’t own a Wii U and I just blew the money I could have used to buy one on my new Launchpad (which I may be showing off soon). So I turned to the better option: the Portal 2 Perpetual Testing Initiative. I have a lot of ideas for new chambers in my mind and I won’t be able to sleep until a majority of them are written down or published on the internet.
TL;DR: I’m making a massive Portal 2 level pack for my friend and it’s going to be friggin awesome.
Read my unabridged ideas below the break.

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Introducing Crystal Sins!



Have I gone crazy? Probably. By writing this single article, I have committed myself to an extremely long and tedious project. Everybody here is probably wondering what “Crystal Sins” is and what this is all about.

Crystal Sins is my new idea for a series of parody videos inspired by LittleshyFIM’s “Cinemare Sins”. Unlike Cinemare Sins, however, Crystal Sins is going to be a CinemaSins parody of all of the Steven Universe episodes. Oddly enough, that hasn’t been done yet, even though the show is currently in its second season.

I have already begun working on the first video in this series. I plan to have it completed within a month. These videos will be uploaded to my main YouTube channel. Go ahead and subscribe to that and this website’s RSS feed so you won’t miss out on the first video!

Summer is Here!

(I usually like to have a graphic at the header. I didn’t get one in time for this one.)

Actually, summer has been here for a while now. Or at least it has been for me. This is my official “Happy Summer” greeting to all who read this website. It is also my official details about what’s going to happen in the next two weeks.

If you want to know what is happening, check below the break.

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Livestream Announcement – Saturday Titanfall



This is an awesome sketch I just found for this post. I wish I could pilot a titan. Wait…

I would like to announce that I will be playing and livestreaming Titanfall (and maybe some other games) tomorrow at around 1:30 p.m. (central time). I don’t know how long I will be playing.

You can watch it on Twitch or come back here and watch below the break.

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New Website!

I recently updated my main website. I changed everything from Joomla to WordPress. I will be adding things to this website a lot more often than previously. For a while, it will look a bit ugly. Don’t worry, as I said, I will be updating this website fairly frequently. It will look better and better as time goes on.

Come back soon when it’s updated. Soon there will be an RSS feed, so the updates will come to you.

EDIT: RSS feed is here! Find it in the menu to the right.