Tales of Inamor: Ramael Sets Off

For my creative writing class, one of the requirements is that we need to publish something by the end of the year. I decided to publish it here, since I’m familiar with my own website and I know exactly what I’m doing. If this piece is well-received I may write some more of these.


For his entire life, Ramael had lived in a village just a few miles from the Lord’s castle. It was the closest separate village from the castle. When he was young, Ramael used to look to it in the distance and think of how Lord Laszlo was working as hard as he could to protect all of Inamor. As he got older it became clearer that he wasn’t under the Lord’s protection.

Everyone he met always spoke highly of Lord Laszlo, mostly because it was taboo to talk negatively about him, especially for a conservative village so close to the castle. Some were superstitious enough to think that the Lord was omnipresent, and he would use his powers to kill anyone who questioned his abilities.

Ramael knew this was impossible after his inn was taken over by a gang in the village, and the Lord did nothing about it. Ramael had to move out of his own inn and into his brother’s farm house. With his extra time from not running his inn, Ramael decided to study the history of Inamor. He studied the timeline of Lords, relations with other beings (specifically with dragons), and of course, the inception of Inamor.

The most important story people knew about Inamor’s inception was that of the sun. The sun was created when a magician enchanted a sword with his own soul, in order to create a permanent light for the world. That sword, the Solar Blade, was kept in the castle gardens. Everyone had seen it and recognized its connection with the sun. When Ramael read about the sun, he noticed that there was almost no mention about how the moon was created. He eventually found that the same magician who created the sun first enchanted a sword with his wife’s soul, creating the moon, which was an imperfect light.

It was then that Ramael realized that sword was still out in the world somewhere. If something as powerful as the moon was controlled by that sword, then he would be able to harness that power. He decided to tell his brother Solomon.

“The moon is a sword?” asked Solomon, after Ramael finished explaining the situation.

“Of course! If the sun is powered by the Solar Blade, then why can’t the moon be powered by… By a Lunar Blade?” Ramael replied.

“So what’s you’re point with all of this?”

“I want to find it.”

“You want to find it?” Solomon asked sarcastically. “I knew you were impulsive, but you just learned about this thing yesterday!”

“And I want to find it,” asserted Ramael.

“Where would you start?” Solomon tried to argue. “You only found one book that mentions it, and it only mentions that it exists! In fact, how can you be sure that book is even true? Aren’t you even a little skeptical?”

“I am skeptical,” said Ramael, “skeptical that Lord Laszlo isn’t looking out for the people of Inamor.”

“So there’s no way I am going to change your mind then?”

“Not unless you have a better solution. Plus, what have I got to lose? I already lost my inn, and that was all I had. That and everything inside it.”

“Well, I guess if I can’t stop you then the least I could do is help you.”

“You’re coming with me?” asked Ramael, surprised.

“No, of course not. I have a farm and a fiancée to take care of here. I will give you a horse and some food and gear.”

“So now you want me to leave?”

“I don’t want to see you leave, but I really don’t want to see my little brother come back dead.”

Solomon equipped Ramael with an iron sword and some hide armor. He let him choose a horse from his stable, and then filled that horse’s saddlebag with dried fruit and salt-cured meat.

“So you’re going to find this Lunar Blade,” stated Solomon. “What do you plan on doing when you find it?”

“Kill Lord Laszlo,” Ramael responded.

“Kill the Lord?” Solomon exclaimed. “He never did anything!”

“My point exactly. He’s never done anything to help the people of Inamor. Someone competent should be in his place.”

“Then I’ve just geared up a future traitor to Inamor.”

“Not a traitor. A hero,” Ramael stated as he walked his horse toward the edge of the village.

He looked back at his brother, his inn, and the rest of the village. It wasn’t the most noble decision he had made in his life, but when he returned with the Lunar Blade, it would have all been worth it. He hated leaving his brother in that hellhole of a village. Ramael tried to explain as much as he could to his brother, but he never felt he could get through to him. After sheathing his sword in the scabbard on his belt, he mounted his horse and started riding off. He didn’t look back because he didn’t want the village to see him cry.