Overwatch is Cool


I’ve been waiting for Overwatch since it was announced in November 2014, but I’ve only started getting hyped about it about three weeks ago. So hyped that I sketched a picture of Zenyatta, which you can see above. I can’t get this game off my mind. It’s just so damn cool! I’ve been watching videos and livestreams of the beta, reading into the lore, looking at art, lurking on the subreddit, and constantly talking about it with my friends. They’re probably really sick of me by now.

And then last weekend happened. Last weekend Blizzard decided to have a stress test for the Overwatch servers, meaning they gave a bunch of accounts access to the game for two days. My account was one of them, along with a few of my friends’, too. So I got to play it! For a glorious eight hours I got to relieve my obsession! I’m here to tell people about my experience in that time.

About half an hour before the servers opened up, I started streaming to YouTube. When I actually got into the game, it was laggy as all hell, so I stopped livestreaming, making it much more enjoyable. I wasn’t worried about my computer handling the game, as many other games act like garbage while I’m streaming. I should probably get a new graphics card, but that’s for another day.

Once I stopped streaming, the game ran much smoother, and I was able to jack up the graphic settings again. I was able to jump into a match and play nearly instantly. I didn’t need to learn how the game worked; it just felt natural. That’s probably because I play a lot of first-person shooters, and I’ve been watching tons of videos and know how all of the characters’ abilities work (to an extent).

On the topic of characters…

I went into the game expecting Zenyatta to be my favorite character. He’s a very hybrid hero. He’s a support who can heal teammates without needing to babysit them, and he can mark an enemy so they take more damage. His ultimate ability gives a hundred health per second to teammates in a certain area around him for about five seconds. Though he’s a support hero, he can dish out damage like a mofo. His main weapon fires perfectly accurate, moderate-damage, fast-moving projectiles at a decent rate. Since I can actually aim in video games, unlike many players, I can take full advantage of his weapon and take out enemies quickly. I thought he would be the perfect character for me to play… before I played the game…

After playing, however, I found that I liked playing as Junkrat the most. Zenyatta is still cool, but Junkrat is just so damn fun to play. He can drop a single bear trap that’s nearly invisible to the other team, which will alert him when triggered and lock an enemy in place for a few seconds. He can also throw down a concussion mine that is detonated on cue, which can knock himself or enemies into the air, allowing him to mine-jump insanely high. His ultimate ability sends out a single, super-fast, spiked tire that can be steered around and explodes on click, which Junkrat can use to blow up enemies when they group together. His main weapon is a grenade launcher with five shots. The grenades are hard to arc correctly, but they explode on contact with enemies even if they bounce off the ground. Junkrat is the only character who can reliably take out enemies that he can’t see, or that are behind shields.

I don’t know what else to say here. I probably didn’t even need to write this, but whatever. I said what needed to be said: Overwatch is cool, Zenyatta is cooler, and Junkrat is awesome. Also I should say Blizzard needs to nerf Soldier 76’s ultimate. It’s a bunch of bullhonkey. How do I end a blog post?