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Overwatch is Cool


I’ve been waiting for Overwatch since it was announced in November 2014, but I’ve only started getting hyped about it about three weeks ago. So hyped that I sketched a picture of Zenyatta, which you can see above. I can’t get this game off my mind. It’s just so damn cool! I’ve been watching videos and livestreams of the beta, reading into the lore, looking at art, lurking on the subreddit, and constantly talking about it with my friends. They’re probably really sick of me by now.

And then last weekend happened. Last weekend Blizzard decided to have a stress test for the Overwatch servers, meaning they gave a bunch of accounts access to the game for two days. My account was one of them, along with a few of my friends’, too. So I got to play it! For a glorious eight hours I got to relieve my obsession! I’m here to tell people about my experience in that time.

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