“Don’t Wait 2 Months to Post a New Video” Challenge (What?)

I have a bad habit of putting things off. I know most people have that problem, but I think mine goes to another level. The last two videos I’ve uploaded had a two-month period of hiatus leading up to them. I know I could have shortened those periods significantly, which is why I’m challenging myself to get a new video out within a month. I’m sure I’ll be able to do it, but the weird way my brain works may make it difficult.

I want to make a new video within a month, but I don’t want to make just another cookie-cutter sins video like I’ve been doing. So I start coming up with ideas for something different. If you know how my brain works, you’ll know that as soon as I start coming up with ideas, it starts an uncontrollable endless stream of new ideas that I can’t keep track of.

So now I have 2 video scripts in the works, and about 5 ideas for unscripted videos. Luckily, I know exactly what order I’ll be making these in. I also have a couple of non-video things I want to finish before I continue with videos, including building a hydrogen torch, which will make good material for other videos someday.

So basically, I’m going to make a quick, unscripted Just Talking video to meet the challenge requirement. Then I’ll upload another sins video, followed by one of the 2 bigger videos that I have started to script out. So, yeah. Expect a lot of stuff in the next two months.