Hindsight – EWW Gem Glow

(EWW means “Everything Wrong With” just so you know)

Anyone reading this probably remembers “Everything Wrong With Gem Glow in 3 Minutes or Less” (which should actually be 4 minutes or less). It was my first Crystal Sins video; it’s currently my most watched video with nearly ten-thousand views as of writing this. My pathetic semi-underdeveloped teenage human brain can barely picture a number that large.

Even though that video has received that much attention, I am not proud of it. There are a few reasons for that which I want to share just so I can get it off of my mind.

First of all, in my opinion this is the worst video on my channel. At least currently, now that I’ve removed all of my scum-of-the-internet gaming videos. In addition, the dislikes on this video make up almost half of the dislikes throughout all of my videos.

This and the amount of negative comments are results of awful audio quality, poor writing, and poor editing. The comments, however, did help me get my shit together when making the next videos. I invested in a new microphone, fixing the audio. I spent more time analyzing the episode, which resulted in better sins. As time goes on and as I get new constructive criticism I fix a lot of issues and end up making a new video better than anything before.

I still, however, don’t like the fact that the video that has made the most impact on the internet as a whole is the video that I’m least proud of. Like most people, I enjoy attention. Positive attention. There are some people who want any attention they can get, negative attention being the easiest. I don’t like the amount of negative attention that I have gotten from the internet. I understand that no matter where I go (especially on the internet), I will receive negative attention. I just feel much of it could have been avoided.

I’m probably taking this worse that I should be, but it’s just something that’s been bothering me. Writing about it makes me realize that it’s not all bad. If I had the time, I would completely redo the entire video, but that would be rather superfluous seeing that I have so many other things I should be working on. Speaking of which, a new sins video should be out on Thursday.

Now I feel better. It’s interesting how much writing can help me with stuff like this.