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Everything Wrong With Gem Glow in 3 Minutes or Less

(It’s actually 3 minutes and 24 milliseconds, but who cares?)

Wow. There was a really small amount of time between fabrication this idea and release of the final product. I’m really impressed with myself, but also kind of ashamed. I messed up a lot when recording the voiceover, and I was rushing myself too much. So I could have re-recorded the voiceover, but I Sonic ’06ed myself and pushed release so hard that the final product came out crappier than I’d like. It’s still better than Sonic ’06 in my honest opinion.

Introducing Crystal Sins!



Have I gone crazy? Probably. By writing this single article, I have committed myself to an extremely long and tedious project. Everybody here is probably wondering what “Crystal Sins” is and what this is all about.

Crystal Sins is my new idea for a series of parody videos inspired by LittleshyFIM’s “Cinemare Sins”. Unlike Cinemare Sins, however, Crystal Sins is going to be a CinemaSins parody of all of the Steven Universe episodes. Oddly enough, that hasn’t been done yet, even though the show is currently in its second season.

I have already begun working on the first video in this series. I plan to have it completed within a month. These videos will be uploaded to my main YouTube channel. Go ahead and subscribe to that and this website’s RSS feed so you won’t miss out on the first video!

Summer is Here!

(I usually like to have a graphic at the header. I didn’t get one in time for this one.)

Actually, summer has been here for a while now. Or at least it has been for me. This is my official “Happy Summer” greeting to all who read this website. It is also my official details about what’s going to happen in the next two weeks.

If you want to know what is happening, check below the break.

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