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My Thoughts on Online Advertisements



While on this website, you may notice that there are no advertisements anywhere you look. Many websites have one or two ads to help pay for the website’s server and its domain. About an equal amount of websites cram as many ads onto their front page as digitally possible for the sole purpose of raking in as much cash as they can to satisfy the administrator’s ever-growing greed.

I feel really picky about the stuff that ends up on my website, including advertisements. At some point (I don’t know how soon), I will most likely have ads on this website and Channel Zero. However, I won’t be using any sort of automatic ad system like Google AdSense. Instead, I will put up ads myself, because believe it or not, that is a thing that I can do.

You can read more of my thoughts and explanations below the break.

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3D Camera Tracking Demo

This is just a short video I made after watching a tutorial online about how to use the 3D tracker built into Adobe After Effects. It’s nothing too special, I just wanted to try it to see how difficult it was.

And my camera is being used for reasons! Wouldya lookit that?

Regarding Slow YouTube Uploads



I feel as if this needs to be addressed.

I’ve been hearing and reading (especially on Twitter) about YouTube content creators who absolutely loathe the final process of uploading their videos. This has been going on for years, and really should be fixed by Google. But Google hasn’t done anything about it yet, and probably won’t anytime in the near future.

I, however, have not been affected by this issue. My videos upload at perfectly reasonable rates. And no, it’s not because I have 500 Mbps upload speeds, though that could factor into it.

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[Live Commentary] Crits n Pits – TF2

Below the break, I have written a detailed explanation as to why this video took four weeks to release. But for now, here’s the video.

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