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Arts 2 – Drawing Tablet


I’ve had my drawing tablet for a long time, but I haven’t really gotten more into using it until just recently. I got a new laptop, loaded the Adobe Master Collection onto it, and decided to find the drivers for my tablet. I found the right driver and began to draw random stuff which you can find below the break. The image above is the “offline” card for my Twitch channel. It is the only thing I’ve drawn so far that has a reason to exist.

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Paul’s Return



He’s back.

Dishonored Stream – Parts 1-3

Here are the first 3 chunks of Dishonored that I livestreamed on Sunday. I figured It would be easier to put the first three in the same post than to give them each an individual post. You can find the other two parts below the break.

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Have Wine

I was streaming today, and I did this, which I found really funny for some reason, so I made a stream highlight of it. The entire stream will be up on YouTube soon, so stay tuned in if you want to watch it.

I will be streaming more Dishonored as time goes on. I will be trying to complete the game without killing anybody. Stay tuned for that as well at