My New Video Camera

Wait! I can explain. I wanted a way to show people that I had acquired a new video camera. I was lacking in the field of live-action video. I’ve had video cameras in the past, but none of them really fit the things I was looking for in a good camera.

When I look for a video camera, I want 3 things in it. High definition (duh), optical zoom, and the ability to connect an external microphone. The best camera I had previously was an old Sony camera that recorded to tapes. Yuck. It was actually a really good camera, with a Carl Zeiss lens and an external mic shoe. But of course, who wants to deal with over two dozen tapes of footage?

I also had another Sony camera, I think it was called a Bloggie. It was HD and digital, but it looked like a smartphone. It was flat, it didn’t have optical zoom or an external mic port. So it didn’t fit my specifications, and there was no comfortable way to hold it, since it had a touchscreen.

Of course I have my phone. I didn’t like to use it as a camera for the same reasons I didn’t like the Bloggie. Though I was able to connect a USB microphone via a USB OTG adapter.

The camera that I have now, a Sanyo (I don’t remember the model off the top of my head) fits my specifications perfectly. It also has features that I didn’t ask for, including a flash for still pictures, and the ability to record at 600 frames per second, though at a very low resolution. I tested the framerate by plucking my bass’ E-string and slowing it down 20 times.