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[Live Commentary] Spring Broken – TF2

It’s about time I uploaded a new video about games. In this video, you’s see little things popping up on the screen when I mention certain things. Those are a new feature YouTube allowed me to use called “Cards”. They look really nice and they aren’t super intrusive to the viewing experience.

420 Blaze It at Diagon Alley

So I was at Diagon Alley in Universal Studios when the dragon atop Gringots bank was about to breathe fire at everyone. This is real fire, mind you, but sadly not a real dragon. When I pulled out my camera to record it, I noticed it was 4:20 PM. I made a joke about marijuana and started recording. I tried to get my watch in there for a timestamp, but the wrist strap was covering it. Still a pretty good joke.

Exclusive Interviews – Matthew Kramer and Tacos

Just messing with my camera during spring break. Testing out external microphones and such.

CNC Mill at 600fps

My New Video Camera

Wait! I can explain. I wanted a way to show people that I had acquired a new video camera. I was lacking in the field of live-action video. I’ve had video cameras in the past, but none of them really fit the things I was looking for in a good camera.

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