A Blog With No True Focus

Deadpool King of Cool

This image is a near-perfect metaphor for what I want this website to become. Deadpool, being the printed definition of lack of uniformity, was a perfect fit.

More info on my vision of this website’s future below the break.


You’re probably wondering what this website is about. Is it a photo blog? A personal journal? A news site? An art site? Will there be movie reviews? Videos? Music? Games? Stories?

Let me answer those questions and more with the liquid form of “yes” and “no” poured into a beaker and swished around. Then the new solution changes color and releases a big puff of vapor that smells like rubbing alcohol and root beer. That vapor is the answer to those questions.

This website is going to be a collection of whatever I want to post here, including videos, pictures, news, stories, and everything else. I will try to post at least one thing per day.

Eventually, I will run out of stuff to post here. When that happens, I will allow readers to submit stuff via email. I will read through them and pick the ones that I want. I will also eventually need a couple other staff members to assist me with updating this site daily. I’ll figure out the details of this when the situation arises.

If you have any other questions about this website, you can send your inquiries to my email.

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