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Unusable Mario Galaxy Footage

Well this is a fine pile of frogs.

I was planning to record and upload videos of myself and my friend Owen playing through Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2. I tried recording some footage with an analog USB capture device and my usual recording software.

After around an hour of recording, I went back and watched the footage. You can watch it above. To absolutely no surprise, it didn’t turn out well at all.

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Livestream Announcement – Saturday Titanfall



This is an awesome sketch I just found for this post. I wish I could pilot a titan. Wait…

I would like to announce that I will be playing and livestreaming Titanfall (and maybe some other games) tomorrow at around 1:30 p.m. (central time). I don’t know how long I will be playing.

You can watch it on Twitch or come back here and watch below the break.

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Arts #1 – Making This Up As I Go



This first little gem is from one of my favorite artists, Syrsa. You can click the image to go to the original and find his profile.

So every once in a while, I’m going to put up some cool art stuff I find or people send to me. Since this is my first time doing this, I don’t really have anything downloaded ahead of time. So I’m going to browse deviantART for a bit and find some more. Expect about 4-12 arts every time I do this. I will have some art prepared next time, don’t worry. I will probably have a theme for the collection as well.

Get more below the break.

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A Blog With No True Focus

Deadpool King of Cool

This image is a near-perfect metaphor for what I want this website to become. Deadpool, being the printed definition of lack of uniformity, was a perfect fit.

More info on my vision of this website’s future below the break.

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New Website!

I recently updated my main website. I changed everything from Joomla to WordPress. I will be adding things to this website a lot more often than previously. For a while, it will look a bit ugly. Don’t worry, as I said, I will be updating this website fairly frequently. It will look better and better as time goes on.

Come back soon when it’s updated. Soon there will be an RSS feed, so the updates will come to you.

EDIT: RSS feed is here! Find it in the menu to the right.